• 6 module-based lessons in wife development taught by LB (pre-recorded) teaching you everything you need to know about becoming a happy, fun and influential wife.
  • Guided Workbook with Assignments (shipped to mailing address)
  • Bonus Training: What Do You Want in Your Marriage?

MODULE 1: How to Create a Marriage Mindset

What expectations do you have for your marriage? You could be suffering from the fairytale syndrome and it's keeping you stuck in la la land and not fully enjoying the reality of what your marriage can be for you and your husband. In this module, we dive deep into your marriage mindset and how your first examples of marriage--or lack of--actually play a big part in the way you're showing up in your marriage now. 

MODULE 2: How to Talk to Him

Communication is the lifeline to your marriage and the way you talk to your husband will either speak life or death into your marriage. In this module, you're being introduced to a new way to communication your needs and feelings through the 3-Step Tame Your Tongue Method. You will also learn three simple ways to argue like an adult and build your husband up.

MODULE 3: How to Love Him

The lovey dovey feels are good, but what happens when those feelings start to go away? In this module, you'll learn how to create a real love that keeps a marriage together, and how to get the type of love you want by becoming the type of love your husband needs.

MODULE 4: How to Respect Him

Respect in marriage goes both ways and in this module, you'll see how specific actions that you've done or are currently doing can be disrespecting your husband (without you even knowing it), and how this is preventing him from fully stepping up to be the leader and husband that you desire.

MODULE 5: How to be Intimate with Him

Let's talk about sex. Why does sex after marriage look so different than sex before marriage? In this module, you'll learn how to start seeing sex differently, and what to do to have more of it in your marriage without it feeling like an obligation. 

MODULE 6: How to Live the Happy Wife Life
You're more than a wife and mom, but it's so easy to lose your identity in your marriage. In this module, you'll learn what true happiness as a wife looks life and how to maintain this level of happiness in your marriage and outside of your husband and kids.

You helped me drop the fairytale syndrome.
Your program has been an amazing tool to help me drop the fairy tale syndrome, assess my current season and plan accordingly, show respect for my husband when I didn't even realize I may have been disrespectful, and open better lines of communication through learning how to tame my tongue. I understand my position and the power in my position, when before I truly felt powerless within my marriage. I am so grateful that I came across your IG and signed up for your class. - Niquira

Meet Amber & Ty

Two of the biggest challenges in our relationship was our bumpy history and our communication styles. I tend to be the one that shuts down and is quick to leave, while he was a lot more direct, and sometimes was reluctant to let things go. But after coaching with LB, we learned how to tackle our problem areas with care and without all the “raw” reactions. She not only was very honest with her answers, but we both felt like she genuinely listened to what we were saying.

I was so impacted by her style and skill-set that I started working with her. She is so down to earth and relatable and I honestly think that God brought her into our lives. After being on the brink of giving up, LB helped us stay on track and we are happily married and parents to a little boy, Quincy.

LB's Intensive is a game changer!
“Teach Me How to be a Wife”  was an eye-opening experience for my marriage! There were many gems that I took away from LB’s class but the two that resonated with me the most was learning the power of my position as a wife and the power of taming my tongue! These two were a game changer, especially for a marriage that was previously on the rocks!

- Teach Me How to be a Wife Participant
It has been a great week!
I have been dialoguing with my husband in a better manner now and internally evaluating my actions. It has helped us to be cordial and decrease conflicts. It has been a great week.
- Tassari, Teach Me How to be a Wife Participant
This has been a GREAT class for us!
I have to wonder if my husband is sneaking and reading my notes because he too has changed. This has been a GREAT class for us. Thank you so much!
- Agnes, Teach Me How to be a Wife Participant
It's working REALLY well!
This has helped tremendously, and, I'm making more of an effort to NOT be a roommate... and be intimate with the little things. It's funny because if he knew I was taking a course he'd think it was all fake and temporary, but he's seeing this change in me! It's working REALLY well.
- Joyce, Teach Me How to be a Wife Participant

This is a premium wife development self-study coaching program by LB,The Wife Coach.

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Want a Picture Perfect Marriage?

Special offer, only $25!
Marriage is what you make it, and in this imperfect love story, I share how my hubby and I took our not-so-perfect lives to create the marriage that we have today, which is perfect for us. But not only that, how you can take the same steps we took to make your marriage Picture Perfect, too.

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    Today! But, wait until you get your workbook and materials so you'll be prepared for Module 1. Once you start, a new module will be available every 5 days. This builds in time for you to complete the module and the assignments, without rushing through the content.
  • Who is this self-study course for?
    This course is for women who are married or planning to be. (Yes, this includes women who are single (or divorced) and plan to marry one day.)
  • How long are the modules?
    Each module will be broken up into mini segments, each lasting about 10-15 minutes. The additional time will be needed completing the assignments and applying the strategies and lessons in your relationship/marriage. You don't need hours and hours of teachings. Plus, I want you to actually be encouraged to start and finish the course, and not be overwhelmed by the amount of content you have to get through.
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    By signing up for the self-study course, you're getting access to a bonus "pre-work" lesson called What Do You Want in Your Marriage. You are encouraged to start this lesson now. (There is a PDF to download)